R & D & I

BIOMEB is a biotechnology spin off that aims to facilitate personalized medicine, bringing to society new products and services that mean a breakthrough in the prevention, diagnosis and personalized treatment of cardiovascular diseases, among other ones.

Our commitment to research, development and Innovation, provided by a high level scientific and management team with years of experience, has given rise to a portfolio of new projects that will guarantee the release to the market of new products and services in the short/medium term.

R & D & I Key points

  • BIOMEB offers basic equipment from our biomedical laboratory, as well as high performance equipment such as different chromatographs (liquid and gases) coupled to mass spectrometers (QTOF, TQD). This equipment has allowed the development of innovative technologies such as metabolomics that have been applied to the health field.
  • BIOMEB’s scientific team is part of the NUTREN research group from the University of Lleida and the Biomedical Research Institute (IRBLLEIDA). It has more than 150 publications of international impact in the areas of development of our products.

BIOMEB’s R & D & I strategy for the upcoming years will be our investment in the development of new products and services using metabolomics applied to the health and agri-food sectors and the design and development of new foods together with the discovery of new biomarkers.


Currently we collaborate on different research projects together with entities and professionals for the development of new products and services:


BIOMEB maintains a project funded by the Agency for Business Competitiveness, ACCIÓ, to support industrial research projects and experimental development by SMEs involving the exploitation of a patent (EMO/2352/2015 Resolution), file number PAT15-1-0025.

BIOMEB participates in a funded project by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness denominated “neuroprotective foods enriched in Omega-3” per reference number RTC-2016-5300-1


BIOMEB has been beneficiary of the NEOTEC 2015 call from the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). The support of the NEOTEC Program funds implementation start-up of new business projects of young innovative companies that require the use of technologies or knowledge generated from the research activity, in which the business strategy is based on the development of technology.


BIOMEB is one of the new Phase 1 beneficiaries of the European Union’s SME Instrument, proposal number 782061, to develop its FIBRACEP project.

Also, it maintains a project funded by the European Union, H2020-MSCA-IF-2016, proposal number: 748829 (PERMETFIT).

Innovative SME

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has awarded us the Innovative SME Seal. This encourages us to continue researching and developing new products and services. Thanks to all our collaborators!