FitB® is a test for sportsmen and women that contributes to having a better profile of their metabolic response to exercise and its adequacy, such as in training and in nutritional recommendations, in a personalized manner.

Its purpose is to contribute to improve performance, reduce the risk of fatigue or overload and provide the user with personalized advice on their body.

  • Is it helpful to take carbohydrates during exercise?
  • Do I have excess free radical production?
  • Will I benefit from amino acid complements?
  • Do I have a predisposition to fatigue?
  • Can and how to increase my performance?


1 Get the Fit B kit

It includes the blood collection device, forms and pre-paid packaging for sample transport.

2 Collection of Blood Sample

The kit includes a simple sample extraction device for blood.

The athlete collects blood in a special device designed for this purpose, a small puncture in the finger is needed to collect the sample (identical to the one that the patients with diabetes realize to collect their samples) in two moments: just before the exercise and after having finished it (in an interval no more than 30 minutes after completion).

3 Sample shipment and analysis

Send the samples and forms to our laboratories in the pre-paid packaging provided for our experts to analyze.

After sending the sample to BIOMEB, along with questionnaires that includes information about age, previous diet, type of exercise and duration, these samples are analyzed to measure the changes caused by exercise in the metabolism of amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, antioxidants and Vitamins, to establish, for each person how their biochemistry responds to the effort.

4 Results

You will receive the results of the biomarkers analysis and recommendations based on your metabolic profile in the APP, addition to this a personalized report.

This information will be supplied to the athlete in a report that will explain the changes that your metabolism has had in response to the exercise. Depending on these, dietary guidelines and/or the use of certain dietary supplements may be advised before, during or after exercise, in order to improve performance, decrease the risk of fatigue or overload, and provide the user with a personalized advice on your body.